Linas Kleiza will break your legs

by deeman15

I’m sure Linas Kleiza is a nice guy. On the court his play is infuriating because of his tendency to drop 20 points and then promptly disappear for the next 6 games.  Off the court I have no idea about his life. For all I know he’s a philanthropist that sponsors 40 orphans in Africa and spends his weekends removing litter from public parks. But that doesn’t change the fact that he looks like a 90’s action movie villain. Somebody sent to collect outstanding debts with the order to remove a few appendages if necessary. The kind of guy that tries to smuggle the missile codes back to the motherland until Steven Seagal eventually sends him plummeting to his death after a 10 minute fight on a building rooftop. So Linas, I have no problem with you. I just don’t want to meet you in a dark alley at night.